Hot on the heels of his latest release, Ty Segall and company tore up the stage Saturday at the Teragram Ballroom on the second night of a three-day stint. Freedom’s Goblin, which came out Friday, is an epic 19-track album, and Segall’s tenth in ten years. The man is a prolific machine of spitting guitars and spastic energy, both on album and in person, and that energy is contagious. The show was a huge, excited mosh pit, with plenty of stage diving and rambunctious dancing as increasingly exasperated security attempted to contain the mayhem.


    This man is not in the band.


    Dressed all in white and looking like punk rock angels, Ty & his kick-ass band of misfits played a sprawling 21 song set, keeping the room on fire until well past eleven. Despite the rowdiness of the crowd, the mood was high in the presence of such an undeniable talent and master performer. Denee, Segall’s wife, also joined the band, sporting a Freedom’s Goblin shirt and just as much high-octane bravado as her spouse.

    The tour continues Tuesday in Laguna Beach.